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I just came on here to say


6/1/2021 11:17 AM CST

New domain and site registered!

5/21/2021 9:16 AM CST

Happy bandcamp friday! More info:

5/7/2021 1:15 PM CST


5/5/2021 4:53 PM CST

Fevi icons have been added to the Fevi Gallery! Hovering over images will reveal the description.

4/25/2021 11:25 PM CST (slightly edited 5/7/2021 1:18 PM CST)

Fevi's den is officially in business! Posts here will be made here in regards to any site updates, random thoughts, or anything Fevi related!

4/23/2021 1:30 PM CST

test, *fennec noises*

4/23/2021 10:45 AM CST



The 88x31 button!

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