a conversation with fevi #1

1/14/2021, 2:30 PM CST

hi there, again. oh, this place?

there's not much special about this place, it's my home.

oh? you want to learn more about me?

there;'s not much special about me either,.

i'm just your average fennec fox.

hm? you're more curious than i expected!


i was made by an internet user known as "c_hrissy",

my color palette was made by a friend of theirs.

i need to go now, seeya later.

Fevi, signing off. Fevi - hey, i made a short song, listen to it if you want. wait for it to load once pressing the button. [Archival note: button doesn't work anymore lol]


a conversation with fevi #2

1/15/2021, 2:05 PM CST

hi there, again!

i'm pretty sure you have noticed the change of background, [Archival note: The background was the Windows XP bliss background :P]

so, do you like it?

what? you expected a den because of the name of the page?


i'm not that basic.

although, this background does seems kinda basic ;-;


i have noticed that my website has been getting some traffic lately,

i am so popular, i'm gonna be the most watched neocities site1

fevi being proud of himself

huh, no i am not narcissistic!

imma bounce now, cya later internet person

Fevi, signing off.

[Archival note: Fevi introduced his Google question form shortly after.]


a conversation with fevi #3

1/16/2021, 2:21 PM CST

yo yo yo, what's up>

i have amazing news

c_hrissy (the person who created me and developed this website) finally learned how to use divs and css properties,

so ya know what that means

my homepage is getting a makeover!

you can check out the development


hopefully my den can also be remade

anyways, i'm quite busy myself so that's all i have to say today.


Fevi, signing off.